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Pay Per Click Management

Organic growth is crucial to your business, but often companies need to move the needle on a quicker timeline. PPC management services are a way for you to access qualified leads immediately.  Our Team at Narwal Technologies Has What You Need To Get the Result. Maximise Your PPC Potential. 


With Narwal managing your paid advertising account, you’ll see an immediate increase in sales. Our unique market analytics results in keywords that attract the right kind of customer: the paying kind. We have a high conversion rate of clicks to sales. With our help, you’ll discover the hidden potential of long tail phrases that you likely never considered before. Our team will also help you target specific geographical areas and use your budget more effectively. 

Let us take the weight off your shoulders and manage your account for you. Our in-house team of search marketing experts will focus on optimizing your account so you can focus on your business. Talk to one of our experts today to learn how our PPC managed services can help your business. Maximise Your PPC Potential.

Speed Up Your Business Growth!

So this is how pay per click advertising works. You have a set budget. We do research for you to identify the bottom of funnel keywords and ready to buy audiences. We position you in the auction in a place that is competitive and stays within budget. You only pay for the qualified lead that click on you. And voila! More traffic, more ROI, more business! Save Time and Make Money. 

Complement SEO with PPC for next results

To retrieve more out of an internet marketing plan, integrating SEO with PPC Adwords advertising is a measure that SEO Werkz makes use of. Our PPC experts perform analysis before creating each campaign and design it as per the specific business requirements. This is what our Salt Lake City PPC services can do for you:
Strengthen SEO on the whole
Complement existing SEO plans by offering immediate results
Make short-term goals achievable
Display visible traffic and quick conversions

How Is Pay Per Click Marketing Different than SEO?

Hiring out SEO is like hiring out a gardener. The gardener needs time, the garden requires the right sun, water, and soil with careful iterations. PPC on the other hand is far more like a plumbers job. You buy a part, you pay for labor, and the sink works. You want a fancier sink with more features, you pay for more parts.

In short, both approaches are channels in digital marketing and both have their strengths! Both require skilled precision in iterative processes. PPC is a space that allows you to quickly access the right audience, by targeting those who are further down in your sales funnel. Let’s grow your business together.

Paid search services prove to be a dependable yardstick to be implemented along with SEO for reaching target users who search for similar products/services that you offer. Unifying your online marketing activities with Pay Per Click in Utah offers you more clicks, and thereby improve conversion rate too. The best part of this online advertising is that it proves cost-effective because the client pays the cost-per-click. Reach out today to get a Free PPC Audit of your Google Ads Account.

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